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Looking to the next year

The arrival of the new year brings hope.
That 2022 will be better, more joyful,
and light-filled than 2021.
But we also reflect on our community’s commitment and unrelenting focus as a foundation for a brighter future.
Against an increasingly challenging backdrop, we will continue to support for our families, members, friends and beautifull photographers
to access and experience the richness of learning and development that calls forward their talents, smarts, and gifts.
In recognition of a very hard year of work,
please never give up….and fight for your rights
wherever you are.
The fire we light together warms us all and turns us toward shining days.
We all look forward to the new year and sustaining each other on the journey ahead.
Below you’ll find a lot of photos, collages,
statements, jokes an other amazing things
from 2021 that celebrate photographers, students, educators,
and the incredible community supporting equitable, rigorous, and empowering teaching
and learning experiences.
A blessed and peaceful Christmas season and
a beautiful Merry Christmas to all friends.

Please be well, stay safe, and take care.

Peace and Love for all….🌸
Norbert 🙏

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