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🌸➖🌸➖🌸Bundestagswahl 2021: Professor beweist systematischen und jahrzehntelangen Wahlbetrug bei Briefwahlstimmen

26. September 2021 Michael Mannheimer 

The renowned scientist Prof. Jochen Renz has checked the election results of the last few years. The result is frightening and suggests that elections in Germany have been falsified on a large scale for decades. In the previous federal election in 2017 alone, an unbelievable 13 million postal votes could have been systematically manipulated. This corresponds roughly to the number of fake votes that have so far been proven by the US Democrats against Trump in the last US election fraud – but as a result of the almost completely corrupt US judiciary, they have almost no prospect of annulment and court rulings thus to lead repetition of the last US election.

But since the US population with around 340 million inhabitants is four times larger than the population of Germany as a whole, the manipulation of 13 million postal votes in favor of the old parties and to the disadvantage of the only opposition party represented in the Bundestag, the AFD, as proven by Professor Renz, weighs much more heavily than the electoral fraud in the UNITED STATES. Nevertheless, this systematic electoral fraud, which, according to Renz, has been carried out for decades by the co-ordinated German mass media, is simply hushed up.

I remember the last federal election in 2017. There a German family who lived with their relatives in the same residential area and thus cast their votes in the same election office said by oath that they all voted for the AfD. In the count of the votes cast by the polling office in question, which was subsequently published in the media, there was officially not a single vote for the AfD, although it can be safely assumed that it was not only this family with their relatives who voted for the AfD Has.

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