20200608 JAPAN RONIN

Rōnin (Japanese 浪人, literally „wave man“, literarily „wandering person“ or 牢 人, also Rōshi (浪 士), „wandering gentleman, warrior or samurai“) were abandoned Japanese samurai during the feudal period.

Ōishi Yoshio (大石 良雄, April 24, 1659 – March 20, 1703) was the chamberlain (karō) of the
Akō Domain in Harima Province (now HyōgoPrefecture),
Japan (1679 – 1701).

He is known as the leader of the Forty-seven Rōnin in their 1702 vendetta and thus the hero of the Chūshingura.

He is often referred to by his title,
Ōishi Kuranosuke (大石内蔵助).

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