The Latin plant name

The Roman short sword was called Gladius, the smaller form of the weapon was called Gladiolus.

The upright growth of the gladiolus and their pointed petals are reminiscent of these dangerous weapons and helped
the gladiolus to their heroic name.

The gladiolus was a symbol of strength and victory.  The heroes of the arena were therefore thrown in the old Rome by the audience with gladiolus flowers.

**The Siegwurz**

The gladiolus bulb was also attributed magical powers in earlier times.

The tubers, known in
the Alemannic/German
region as the Siegwurz,
wore soldiers around their necks as a talisman.

They believed that the onion would make them invulnerable and invincible.
This myth stems from the appearance of the onion, which is surrounded by a fine, fibrous shell with the appearance of a harness.

**The gladiolus as a proof of love**

In earlier centuries, it was extremely improper to spontaneously testify to a lady’s love.

Then as now, the gentlemen let flowers speak to express their feelings.

The gladiolus was beside the rose a great proof of love.
Received the adored gladioli it was less about expressing a love for life and death.

Rather, the flower should be used to symbolically reveal the admiration for a human being and the pride in being allowed to know and worship him.

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