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It’s the three magic syllables that end each yoga session: Namasté. But what does this nice word mean, literally translated, what is this so-called Third Eye and why do you actually bow when you say Namasté? Here you will learn everything you need to know about this short salutation!

Literally translated: the term „Namasté“

Like all the words that an experienced yogi has in his yoga vocabulary, „Namasté“ comes from Indian Sanskrit. The term consists of the syllables nama (bow), as (me) and té (du). Namasté translates with „bowing to you“ or „I bow to you“. This expresses reverence and gratefully acknowledges the presence of the other person.

How is the Namasté greeting?

Among western yogis and yoginis, the word Namasté is usually pronounced aloud. In fact, „Namasté“ can only be expressed by gestures, namely by Anjali Mudra. In Hinduism, this gesture is used as a form of greeting, much like shaking hands with us.

Anjali Mudra consists of juxtaposing the palms in front of the chest or, to stick with the yoga vocabulary, the heart chakra. Incidentally, this has nothing to do with a religious prayer attitude, but is intended to give you energy, as the gesture combines both hemispheres of the brain. Namasté is then expressed by tilting the head towards the heart with closed eyes, thus making a hinted bow.

This greeting is probably familiar to you. In fact, there is another variant that conveys great respect. The tips of the two index fingers of the Anjali Mudra touch the area between the eyes while the head is lowered. Because here, according to the yoga teaching, the third eye, that is, the energy center, lies.

When do you say Namasté?

Theoretically, there are many situations in which it is appropriate to say Namasté, after all, it is a gesture of respect. In yoga, the greeting is usually at the beginning and end of the practice: With a consciously carried out Namasté thank teachers and students together and express to recognize each other in a unity that connects everything.

If you have ever done yoga, you know the wonderful sense of calm that comes with practice. 

Namasté basically expresses all that yoga can do: gratitude, self-love, finding and preserving your own energy, respect and mindfulness – a small word with great content. 

In this sense: Namasté!

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