20190208 JAPAN: Martial arts for women should be mandatory…(!)

9 replies to “20190208 JAPAN: Martial arts for women should be mandatory…(!)

    1. Hello Susi,
      thank you very much for your cimment and your feedback abaout my little work.
      I’m new to wordpress and because google plus is being discontinued soon i’m trying to blog.
      Your contributions are very interesting.
      This is very good blog for me to lern.Have a nice evening
      Best regards from Germany🙋‍♂️


      1. I wouldn’t call it „little work“. Actually, quite fascinating stuff. Welcome to WP, it’s a good little community. You have a nice evening as well. Tschüß 🙂

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      2. Good morning dear Susi (!)
        Thank you very much for your comment.
        I was pleased about your feedback.
        It’s not easy for me, because it’s my first blog and I’m new to WP WORDPRESS. I have to learn a lot and I think your post’s and publications are very good. Respekt.
        The writing is a bit complicated and I think it could be developed further.
        That would be easier for users and bloggers to communicate with each other.
        The world is moving ever closer to each other
        and it would be helpful.
        I wish you a nice Saturday.
        Many greetings from Germany.🙋‍♂️

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