20190208 Elite soldier suspended because of right-wing extremism…..BUNDESWEHR-Elitesoldat wegen Rechtsextremismus suspendiert….

The lieutenant colonel is said to have made anti-state statements in social networks, according to media reports. According to the MAD, seven extremists were detained in the armed forces last year.

According to media reports, Bundeswehr has suspended a soldier of the elite group KSK under suspicion of right-wing extremism.

 As the „Bild“ and the „Spiegel“ reported on Friday, a service and uniform ban was pronounced against the lieutenant colonel. 

„Picture“ According to the KSK founding member fell in the course of the investigation of the right-wing military soldiers Franco A., who is said to have planned an attack.

 In addition, it was announced on Friday that in the Bundeswehr in the past year seven extremists have been unmasked.

 According to the Funke media group, this is about both right-wing extremism and Islamism.

The suspended KSK soldier is said to have said in supervised phone calls mutatis mutandis, the state has the situation because of the large number of refugees no longer under control.

 That’s why things now have to be taken into their own hands. According to Der Spiegel, it is being investigated against the lieutenant colonel for spreading „right-wing extremism in the social media“. 

Accordingly, he was noticed because he posted in a closed Facebook group opinion, which reflected the ideas of the so-called Reich citizens. 

The lieutenant colonel had demanded in the entries, for example, the abolition of the Federal President’s Office. 

„Reich citizens“ reject the Federal Republic as a state and do not recognize the government.


Zen-Mönch Kamo no Chōmei (1153/55–1216):

„Schaut man durch den Nebel auf die herbstlichen Berge, dann ist die Sicht unscharf und doch von großer Tiefe. Auch wenn man nur wenige Herbstblätter sieht, die Ansicht ist reizvoll. Die unbeschränkte Aussicht, welche die Vorstellung hervorbringt, übersteigt alles, was man klar sehen kann.“


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