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Endurance training, like running, you can do without equipment and gym, that’s clear. 

To counteract unwanted muscle loss and to boost calorie consumption but also strength training is useful. 

Many women think weight training is only possible in the gym or with elaborate equipment. That’s not true. 

You can easily do your weight training at home without tools – you just need a mat.

These are the benefits of weight training without equipment

The own body weight is sufficient to demand the muscles sufficiently and intensively. And not only that, it even has advantages over training on equipment. For the following nine reasons, we recommend strength training without the need for additional equipment or machines in the gym.

1. You save time

The most popular excuse for not doing sports is always the same: no time. The effort involved in driving to a gym is simply too big for many in stressful everyday life. You can do training with your own body weight anytime, anywhere. You save a lot of time because you can easily integrate the training into everyday life and do it yourself while traveling or on vacation.

2. You will be fit for everyday life

Free exercises with your own body weight are complex.

 It trains entire movements and thus also improves the interaction and efficiency of the individual body regions. Muscular dysbalances are less common, training is more balanced, more holistic and functional. 

They train in natural movement chains. Exercises with your own body weight prepare you better for the demands that are placed on you in everyday life.

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