20190207  Japanese tea ceremony

The Japanese tea ceremony – tea culture 

Tea has always been considered the perfect drink to take a (small) break from stressful everyday life. 

To sit down and relax. To come to your senses and find your inner retreat. That’s what the Japanese tea ceremony is all about. Certain rituals and certain processes play a major role here.

This ceremony has long since become an integral part of the local culture. A component of the tea art („Chanoyu“, Japanese for „water for the tea“), which reminds of the Zen.

A few general notes about the Japanese tea ceremony

Such a ceremony is like a work of art. The aesthetics play an essential role here – as well as the preparation. And of course, the master of ceremonies has a significant importance. Let him help find the path to self-discovery and harmony.

Only the moment is crucial

The ceremony is tied to strict rules. Some equipment and actions – sometimes processes that have not changed for over 1,000 years – but rather symbolic character. To contribute to the purifying, contemplative meaning.

At this ceremony, all participants are the same: all social differences that otherwise exist are no longer there. Everyday life has no meaning whatsoever – at least at this moment. 

This is another reason why there should be silence throughout the entire process. Only then you can inquire about the type of tea and for more information!

The four principles of the Japanese tea ceremony

It is not just the pure (tea) drinking that is at stake here. Four principles determine the ceremony:

Respect for the host as well as the guests and the utensils

Silence to achieve serenity and inner peace

Harmony to nature, to the participants

Purity for a spiritual inner cleansing

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