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20190203 Japanese dance – Nichibu

Nihon Buyō (Japanese 日本 舞 踊, „Japanese dance“, also short Nichibu 日 舞 or Hōbu 邦 舞 [1]) refers to the traditional Japanese dance. 

As a collective term Nihon Buyo in the broader sense in the history of some far-reaching forms that were combined with music and singing. 

One can roughly divide these first forms into a more stylized form, for instance for the performance at the court by professional dancers and a more popular form more rooted in everyday life. 

In comparison, the stylized form is usually more abstract in appearance and more economical in movement. In the narrower sense, 

Nihon Buyo refers to dance forms that are usually performed on stage. 

These approximately 400 years old forms begin with the emergence of noh theater. 

Their development is characterized by five major schools and in connection with the Japanese stage arts (in addition to the noo and the Kabuki) to see. 

Since the Second World War, new elements have been added, leading to a modernization of the traditionalist dance forms of Mai (舞) and Odori (踊).


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