20190203 Bitte Blutspenden ….(!!!)


Täglich werden in Deutschland ca. 15.000 Blutspenden benötigt.

Ihre freiwillige und unentgeltliche Blutspende beim Deutschen Roten Kreuz sichert seit 1952 (!) die Versorgung der Patientinnen und Patienten in Deutschland, die auf Transfusionen von Blutpräparaten angewiesen sind.

Blutspender sind ganz besondere Menschen, denn sie übernehmen mit ihrer Blutspende gesellschaftliches Engagement und übernehmen Verantwortung.


In the so-called thoroughbred donation

Half a liter of blood is withdrawn via the arm vein into a bag system and divided into the various components (blood components) during subsequent processing.

This type of blood donation is most often performed, as the removal is usually tolerated without problems even at the first donation. In addition, a blood donation can help many different people because recipients specifically receive only the components of the blood they need.

The whole blood donation itself takes about 5-10 minutes.

Including examination, rest period and snack barely an hour.

So that the body has enough time to compensate for the blood loss, the distance between two blood donations must not be less than 56 days, women can donate four and men six times a year blood.

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