20190131 Collagen:  Abstract photography- surface tension (Oberflächenspannung)


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The surface tension is an effect that causes the surface of a liquid to behave like an elastic film and strive for as smooth a state as possible of minimal expansion.

That is, the surface of a liquid always strives for the lowest energy state.

The higher the surface tension, the more „spherical“ is a drop of this liquid.

The surface tension (unit: N / m) is also widely called the interfacial tension, which acts on the interface of two substances in any phase.

Surface tension, what is it?

If you increase the surface of a liquid, you have to do a job – due to the surface tension.

The surface tension is defined as:

Work that has to be performed to increase the surface area divided by the area that additionally arises.

Accordingly, the surface tension may also be referred to as the surface energy density.

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