20190128 NIKE

Nike (ancient Greek Νίκη Níkē or Νίκα Níka „victory“) is the goddess of victory in Greek mythology. 

Its Roman equivalent is Victoria. 

The center of their cult in Athens was the Acropolis.

Nike of Samothrace is a Greek sculpture depicting the goddess of victory, Nike, now in the Louvre in Paris. 

It was found in the sanctuary of the Kabirs on the Greek island of Samothrace. 

It was probably created around 190 BC. 

It is believed that Rhodian sculptors created the statue.

The French vice-consul in the Ottoman Empire, Charles Champoiseau, found in 1863 the fragments of the Nike statue, which were assembled on site and brought to Paris. 

An Austrian excavation in 1873 brought more fragments, including two fingers to light. 

In 1879 the French discovered the pedestal, the right hand plate was found in 1950. 

The search for head and arms was unsuccessful.

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