20190126  Codex of Indians …(!!!)

This ethical Codex of Indians can inspire us all to make some positive changes in our lives.


1) Get up with the sun and pray. 

Pray alone.

Pray often. The Great Spirit always hears your prayers.
2) Be tolerant of those who have strayed from the path. 

Ignorance, anger and jealousy come from lost souls. Pray that they will return to the right path.
3) Find yourself. 

Never allow anyone else to choose your path. That’s just your way! Others can go with you, but no one but you can move forward.

4) Be considerate to guests in your house. 

Provide them with the best food, give them the best bed, be honest and fair with them.

5) Never take what is not yours, not from society, nature or other cultures. 

You did not deserve it or get it for free. It is not yours.

6) Honor everything on earth, like humans, as well as animals and plants.


7) Respect the opinions of others, their wishes and words. 

Never interrupt the other as long as he speaks. Do not bother him or mock him. Give each person the right to their own opinion.

8) Never speak bad of others. 

Negative energy, which you send out and still enjoy, comes back to you several times.

9) Everyone makes mistakes. Every mistake can be forgiven.
10) Negative thoughts make body, soul and mind sick. Practice optimism.


11) Nature is not our property, it is a part of us. Nature is part of our global family.


12) The children are our future. Lead them wisely, plant love in their hearts and teach them about life. Until they grow, give them room to grow.

13) Do not hurt the heart of others. The poison of this pain comes back to you.
14) Always be honest.

15) Stay in your inner balance. Your mental, mental, emotional and physical self must be equally strong, clean and healthy. Strengthen the body to strengthen the spirit. Mentally grow to heal emotional wounds.

16) Decide what and how you want to be, how you work and how you will stand behind your actions. Be responsible for your actions.


17) Pay attention to foreign privacy and private space. 

Do not interfere with foreign property, especially not with sacred and spiritual property. That is forbidden.

18) Be confident. You can not worry about others and help others if you do not care about yourself and help yourself first.
19) Eighth foreign beliefs. Do not force anyone to take over your faith.

20) Share your luck.


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