20190123 SUZUKI – Made in Japan

The Suzuki story

The Japanese company Suzuki looks back on a long history. 

His full name is Suzuki K.K. or Suzuki kabushiki-gaisha

In English-speaking countries, the company operates under the name 

Suzuki Motor Corporation. 
Suzuki manufactures cars, motorcycles and outboard motors. 

Most people know Suzuki because of its motorcycles – because it is the second largest exporter of motorcycles in the world. 

The seat of the German sales company is located in Bensheim. 

The headquarters of the joint stock company Suzuki kabushiki-gaisha, however, is located in the Japanese Hamamatsu

With around 54,400 employees worldwide, the group generated over $ 31 billion in 2011.

The beginnings of Suzuki

The founder of the Suzuki Empire, Michio Suzuki, grew up near Hamamatsu. 

In 1909 he opened in the city, which is located about 200 kilometers southwest of Tokyo, a factory in which looms were produced. 

Suzuki was in his early twenties. 

His company flourished from the beginning, so that in 1920 he became Suzuki-shiki shokki K.K. went public. 

But with looms alone, the company Suzuki did not want to settle for anything. 

The development of a separate automobile was also on the plan. For this purpose, Michio Suzuki acquired in 1936 a British car, namely an Austin 7, which he disassembled with the help of its engineers in all its parts, examined and used as a template for its own prototype. 

They presented this to the public only a year later. Although there were some other vehicle projects after that, vehicle production could not be seriously boosted as production across Japan was switched to warmed goods production in the late 1930s, and Suzuki became part of the industrial military complex as well. 

After many production sites had been destroyed in the Second World War, Suzuki shifted the focus of its production after the war on fan heaters and agricultural machinery.

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