The UK is still the largest net contributor to the EU after Germany – still. The British, however, want to leave the European Union, possibly even without an agreement that regulates the exit. The fact that unregulated Brexit would hit hard not only the UK but also the remaining 27 EU members and their companies has now been calculated by the renowned Brussels Bruegel Research Institute.

By the end of next year, for example, Germany alone would have to pay up to 4.2 billion euros into the EU budget, reported the spark media group, which cited from a letter from the Bruegel Institute to the Bundestag. In the EU budget, a Brexit without an agreement alone from April 2019 to the end of 2020 would result in a total gap of 16.5 billion euros. The additional costs for Germany are only about 200 million euros in revenues from the customs revenue.
Billions in tariffs for German companies feared

The Brussels experts therefore advise the EU to take a hard line – if Britain does not comply with its payment obligations, this must be regarded as a „hostile act“. 

Then the EU should not make Great Britain any concessions for necessary emergency measures for a hard Brexit.

In the meantime, the German economy is expecting heavy tariff charges in a chaotic Brexit.

 The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) calculates an annual amount of three billion euros in tariffs which German companies would probably have to pay for exports to Great Britain, the spark media group continued. 

Added to this would be another 200 million euros for customs formalities.

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  1. Es ist beispielsweise einfach kostengünstiger für alle (!!!) wenn der BREXIT abgesagt wird.
    Jeder der etwas anderes Behauptet kann entweder
    nicht rechnen oder lügt…-(!!!)
    Was der bisherige „Verhandlungsunfug“ bereits für Kosten auf allen Seiten verursacht hat ist unbeschreiblich.
    Die Lösung heißt Kooperation und eine neue EU.
    The decision of the British to leave the EU has cost the average household in the country according to the central bank so far 900 pounds.
    The UK economy is today about 1.5 percent smaller than expected on the eve of the Brexit referendum, said Bank of England Governor Mark Carney before Parliament’s Finance Committee. This is „a lot of money“.

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