20190112  Muhammad Ali (1942-2016)

Muhammad Ali 

(born January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky as Cassius Marcellus Clay, † June 3, 2016 in Scottsdale Arizona) was an American boxer and the only one who won the title Undisputed World Boxing Champion three times in his career could win.

 He was one of the most significant heavyweight boxers and outstanding athletes of the 20th century and was elected in 1999 by the International Olympic Committee

 „Sportsman of the Century“.

5 facts about the unforgettable Muhammad Ali

„I have to be the greatest, I am the king of the world.“ Two sentences for which Muhammad Ali has become known. Justifiably: Ali danced and won boxing like no other, and incidentally campaigned for human rights until his death. As? Here are the 5 most important facts about the boxing legend of the century!

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali is dead. He died at the age of 74 in a hospital in Phoenix. Ali had been suffering from Parkinson’s for years. The career as a heavyweight boxer and civil rights activist is unique. Why? Therefore:

1. The champion

Just 18 years young and Muhammad Ali could already call himself Olympic champion. It was 1960 in Rome. Only four years later he was already a professional world champion. From only 60 fights Ali has lost only five.

2. The „knock-out“

The victories of the champion? Clearly: In „Rumble in the Jungle“ Ali ended 1974 in Zaire the fight against the actually superior George Foreman by knocking out. In the „Thriller of Manila“ he also knocked Joe Frazier k.o .. That was just a year later in the Philippines.

3. The dancer

Left, right, left, right, left. As fast as Muhammad Ali pranced his way through the ring, his opponents could not look that fast. Heavyweight and cumbersome? That does not apply to the boxing champ!

4. The conscientious objector

Join Vietnam War? No way! Muhammad Ali refused to join the Vietnam War as an American and a soldier. With glaring consequences for Ali’s career: In 1967, the world title disappeared and Ali was banned for three years. Ali has long told that he has therefore thrown his gold medal from Olympia in the Ohio. Did not vote.

5. The civil rights activist

Until his death, Ali campaigned for human equality. Especially for African Americans. So in 1965, Ali put down his own – as he said – „slave name“ „Cassius Clay“ and called himself Muhammad Ali. A name that is and will remain the symbol of the black civil rights movement in the USA to this day!


A warrior of light loves people. 

He is always learning to trust himself and the people – even – and especially if – they disappoint him. 

He knows that in every person there is the divine spark that he has also discovered in himself. 

A warrior of light does not judge people for their appearance, but seeks the divine spark in all men.

A warrior of light learns and matures his tasks. 

He faces the tasks of life. 

He goes to himself, looks for solutions and then comes into action. 

Acting is the essence of the warrior of light. He likes to communicate with others – but he knows that only in active doing can he make a difference.

A warrior of light takes the time for an introspection. 

He goes into silence, immersing himself in meditation and coming into contact with the divine that is in him. 

Although it is not always easy for him, 

he tries to maintain this connection constantly.

A warrior of light can only be guided by his heart. He does not care what other people think about him or what they talk about him behind his back. Because he knows, in every common word is the fear – the fear of the light. But the light can not be fooled.

A warrior of light chooses his words wisely. Because he knows everything he says goes first into his own ears. 

Therefore, he speaks only constructive words, words of love and courage.

A warrior of light does everything to awaken the light in others. That’s why he is here. And despite all adversities, he never stops believing in people and reminding them of their own divinity.

A warrior of light makes mistakes. Because he is only human. 

But he learns from his mistakes – wonders:

 „What can I learn positive here?“ 

And accepts the learner.

A warrior of light is humble. 

He knows that his knowledge is limited – and that there is still so much to learn. 

A warrior of light never pretends to know everything. 

He strives to learn everything.

A warrior of light loves to laugh – for he knows that laughter is the divine expression of joy. 

He laughs as much as he can – 

and often about himself.

A warrior of light finds his own way – and ally with those who walk your path. 

Together they go on and on – 

in the direction of the light. 

Sometimes it’s a trip, sometimes they get lost. 

But they always make their way back to the light.

A warrior of light never gives up. From every setback he learns something – 

and then he goes on. 

Giving up is not an option.

The weapon of the warrior of light is love. 

With her, he touches as many people as he can.

A warrior of light keeps his heart open – even if he sometimes finds it difficult. 

He never gives up and lets the love back into his heart every time. Because he knows: 

This is his job: 

To learn to feel the love – 

and to share it with other people.

A warrior of light is in every human being. 

Some have repressed it, some have forgotten it, some are now beginning to remember it – and some have already set off. 

The Warrior of Light is in each one of us.

A warrior of light remembers what he is: 

a warrior of light.

Remember you and

„Enters the circle

and do what you know

and knowledge brings the power

with which you free yourself

and completely free from anxiety

redeem what is dozing in you

Because then you wake up „

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