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20181223 Merry Christmas- Why (???) 

Christmas is the solution to all human and worldly problems – Why?

Because Jesus Christ, the Son of GOD, who was born on Christmas, is the solution to all problems for all people!

Jesus Christ is not only the answer to all the problems on this earth, but he himself is the message of GOD to humanity.
Already 700 years before year zero, the year of birth of Jesus Christ, about 2714 years ago, the prophet Isaiah writes in the Bible, in the Old Testament, in chapters 9,5-6 about the 700 years later birth of Jesus Christ: „For a child has been born to us, a son is given to us, and the government rests on his shoulder; and he is called the Wonder Council, God-hero, Eternal Father, Peace-Prince; that his rule may be great, and that there be no end of peace on the throne of David and in his kingdom, that he might strengthen and sustain by law and justice from now to forever. “

Only through the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ into this world is there true hope, salvation, love, joy, peace with God, justice, the wonderful message of salvation, and so much more!

Only Christianity knows a Savior who forgives sins, gives eternal life, and not only in heaven, but already on this earth. 

Through Jesus Christ we have peace with GOD. GOD is our friend in Jesus Christ. 

He is Omniscient, Omnipresent, Comprehensive and Graceful and Compassionate. 

GOD, according to his word in the Bible, lets rain on all men, righteous, unrighteous, all races, all religions, all countries and all states. 

Jesus Christ says: „I wanted all people to be saved, to know GOD, to experience GOD and to have eternal life. 

This invitation is still valid today for every human being on this earth. 

No other religion has a savior like this.

Personally, I personally experienced personally, my family, and many other people that in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I, my family and many others were healed of humanly incurable diseases. 

For in the Bible’s New Testament, many passages say, „All sick people who came to Jesus Christ were healed.“ 

Jesus Christ healed everyone. 

And I personally believe that this is still possible today and will continue in the future. 

This is Christmas for me.

I wholeheartedly wish each and every reader that they get to know GOD and Jesus Christ personally, and a fulfilling, blessed, blessed Christmas for all.


There is no one (!!!) message, you can look at the Christmas story from many different angles and discover it again and again.

The emergency counselor looks at her differently than the school pastor, the Indian Prior unlike the old Catholic bishop. 

This shows that the secret of Christmas can be discovered by following different tracks. 

For some, they lead to the classic Christmette, for others in the jazz service or simply at home on the Christmas tree.

Many associate Christmas with the keyword. 

It’s not just about the material. 

The Christian Christmas message tells us that the crucial thing in life is given to us – like a child.

There is no counterpart with which we could make up for this. 

What makes our lives rich – health, another person’s love, happiness, the experience of meaning – is ultimately a gift. 

Each of us should understand the Christmas message as a chance for a personal new beginning.

When you think about the meaning and meaning of Christmas, you have to include an inventory of your own situation at the same time. 

For this it is necessary to find peace and to oneself. Then you realize how much hope and joy is associated with Christmas.



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