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20181212   Taijiquan 

Taijiquan technique of daxue

The path of the great learning
is located in the clear and pure
inner strength(!) and means
the people to love and
his goal in the highest good to see.


One reply to “20181212   Taijiquan 

  1. When I was young, I did this,少林武術 (martial arts), flight kicks, 少林拳,…etc
    Now,I can Not do.(><).
    The old Japanese who mastered 少林武術 in the Republic of China, after came back to Japan, He arranged in the Japanese style,it is "少林寺拳法".
    少林武術 "kill" the opponent.
    少林寺拳法 makes a blow to the opponent and run away while one has a chance! (Never kill)

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