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20181209    Uemura Shōen

Uemura Shōen jap.: 上村 松園, eigentlich Uemura Tsuneko (上村常子);

*23.04.1875 in Kyōto; † 27.08.1949
war eine  japanischen Malerin


3 replies to “20181209    Uemura Shōen

    1. Uemura Shoen is a woman, 1875-1949.
      Shoen bloomed her talent for painting at the age of 15y,she
      draw 「美人画;Bijin-ga」.
      But She was tormented by rival painter-Men all the time.
      She was 27 y, gave birth with Unmarried, Her son also became a painter.
      When she was 40 y, she fell in love with a man,but She was disappointed in love.
      At that time (jealousy), the painting was “ 焔(Hono)“ (1918).
      This painting is very famous↓.

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