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20181208 SKETCH-PHOTO:Maiko


5 replies to “20181208 SKETCH-PHOTO:Maiko

    1. Very good comment.
      By the way. The most comments are stupid. I mean not you. Irespect your poiny of view.
      But my opinion is thatbthe most people not really understand what a comment is and what a comment not is.
      I hohe you undetstand what I mean.
      Best regards
      Your comment ist good, because he give me an kritik and he give me an important another information about my post. THAT is so important.

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      1. Thank you for telling me very kindly.

        Sometimes,stranger comes to my blog↓
        for example,

        In the Internet, anti-Japanese activists slip into Blog comment etc, and they gather(swarm) same place.
        So, I am on my guard those who do not know well.
        I doubted that you were mixed with China into Japanese something(for example 楊貴妃(Youkihi).
        At that time, I complained to you.

        Thank you very much in sincere Heart comment!! 😀

        I am very happy,You are interested in Japan.

        I like Shrine rather than Temple,because temple is „dark atmosphere“.
        However, You are interested in „Zen“, So,I went to Zen temple and take pics! 😀

        Someday, please come and visit Japan.
        Very Welcome!!:D

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      2. Dear Nasuko,
        Thank you for your sincere words.
        I accept your apology.
        I’m German. No Chinese.
        Everyone knows about the tensions of countries with Japan.
        North-Korea against Japan.
        China against Japan. We all know it.

        There are bad people everywhere.
        Also in Germany.
        But please remember:
        There is not a single country on this planet ,where there are only (!!!) good ones.
        We are all human and I write as I have learned. From heart to heart.

        If I go to Japan then there is a problem.
        I do not want to go back to Europe.

        Best regards from Germany🙋‍♂️

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