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20181202   Japanese painting

The well-known in the West Japanese 

painting has a very rich history.

His tradition is great, while Japan’s unique
position in the world is the prevailing styles
and techniques
Japanese artist has largely influenced.

It is a known fact that Japan has been quite isolated for centuries and it was not only because of geography but also because
of the prevailing one
Japanese cultural (!!!) inclination to isolation,
the history of the country
until todayhas shaped.

In the centuries of existence of
what we call „Japanese civilization“ in the west
culture and art developed separately from
those in the rest of the world.

And that is even visible in Japanese painting practices.

Nihonga painting z. B. are one of the main products of Japanese painting.

It is based on traditions that are over
a thousand years old, and the paintings are usually done on washi (Japanese paper) or eginu (silk) with paintbrushes.

„Japanese stencil“

However, Japanese art and painting were also influenced by foreign artistic practices and different techniques
influenced directly and indirectly.

First, it was Chinese art
16th century and the
Chinese painting and Chinese art tradition,
which has been particularly influential
in a number of areas.

From the 17th century, Japanese painting
was also influenced by Western traditions.

Especially in the prewar period,
which lasted from 1868 to 1945,
Japanese painting was strongly influenced by Impressionism and the
influenced by European romanticism.

At the same time, the new European art movements were significantly influenced by Japanese art practices.

This influence is called Japonism-Art History, and he was particularly influential for Impressionists, Cubists and those artists,
who are related to Art Nouveau.

The long history of Japanese painting can be understood as the synthesis of
several traditions that make up part of the
recognizable Japanese aesthetic.

Above all, the Buddhist art and
painting techniques and religious painting left clear traces in the aesthetics
Japanese painting;
Ink wash painting of landscapes in the Chinese literati tradition is a
another important element recognizable in many famous Japanese paintings;
painting animals and plants,
especially birds and flowers, is something that is usually associated with Japanese compositions, but also with landscapes and scenes from everyday life.

Finally, there was also a great influence on Japanese painting through ancient notions of beauty from philosophy
and culture of ancient Japan.

Wabi, which means fleeting beauty,
Sabi (the beauty of natural patina and aging)
andyūgen (deep grace and subtlety)
are still influential ideals
in Japanese painting.

Finally, if we focus on the selection of the ten most famous Japanese masterpieces,
At this point we have to point out Ukiyo-e- *, which is one of the most popular art genres in Japan,
although it refers to the printmaking.

She mastered Japanese art
from the 17th to the 19th century,
while the artists belonging to this genre have woodcuts and paintings of themes such as female beauties (!!!), kabuki actors and sumo wrestlers,
but also scenes
History and folk tales,
Travel scenes and
Landscapes produced,
Flora and fauna and even erotica.

It is always a very difficult challenge to make a list of the best (?) Paintings from an art tradition.

Many amazing works of art are unjustly
neglected while others are greatly overrated.

For my opinion it is like this,
that in the West we should slowly recognize
the similarities and correspondences with
Eastern art.

Although these are not always immediately recognizable at first glance,
and it certainly requires some time of practice,
but in the end, these similarities can not be denied.


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  1. >we should slowly recognize
    I agree with you!
    Because we Japanese has a History of more than 3000 years. 😀

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