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20181118 JAPAN/ IAIDO

Iaido  – 挿入された剣の武道













Iaido – the martial art with the inserted sword

Iaido is a Japanese sword art. The only sword art whose techniques always start with the inserted sword.

At the Iaido, the practitioner imagines an imaginary opponent. 

He hits on these non-existent opponents. 

Again and again. After a precisely predetermined ritual.

Iaido was once used for survival. 

To be faster than the enemy. 

But why is it still practiced today?

For inner peace. A high concentration. 

Self-control combined with determination. 

To be fully present always and in every situation.

Character and personality shape when practicing. It always remains an opponent that I have to defeat, and I am myself.


4 replies to “20181118 JAPAN/ IAIDO

  1. Excellent!! 😀

    In Japan, Bushi were fighting with swords.
    The match is a moment, the battojutsu:抜刀術 (technique of drawing a sword),
    The speed of extracting(pull out) a sword divides the life and death.
    A split-second decision become the difference between life and death.

    The instantaneous mental strain, spiritual unity etc.. are the origin of Iai.

    It also leads to kendo(剣道).

    „勝負を抜刀の一瞬にかける“ 居合道.
    (Shobu wo Batto no ittsyun ni Kakeru)
    Batto=technique of drawing a Sword

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    1. Many Thanks.
      Many thanks for the good and nice comment and your feedback. I like to learn martial arts.
      Since I am 11 years old.
      But I think as a German you can not achieve
      such perfection as a Japanese.
      But I always try. Every day.
      I like kendo (!)
      I like the other japanese martial arts so much.
      These are related to each other.
      The whole culture is very interesting. I like that. Everything.
      You are welcome.
      Also please go to my both Google Plus Sites.
      You are Welcome.
      A happy day and the best greetings to Japan(!)
      Please consider immet time difference.
      Best regards from Germany 🙋‍♂️

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