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201811117 About Chi

Chi always exists everywhere. 

That is the basic assumption of what can be further thought. 

Chi is, so to speak, the basic energy(!!)
through which all that is can be.

This concerns both material and mental areas.

You breathe thanks to Chi, you move thanks to Chi, you think thanks to Chi.

The flowers bloom thanks to Chi, the animals eat thanks to Chi.

The sun shines thanks to Chi. And the moon shines thanks to Chi.
Chi is therefore a comprehensive „substance“ that gives life to the whole.

That is why you will also find translations such as „life force“, „divine energy“, „world spirit“ or „divine breath“.

One can only use the term metaphorically to describe something that can not be explained in other words.

In Christian mysticism, the term „God“ is often used here to name this ultimate energy.

But this is really just a naming.
It is not anymore.
Because Chi is about something that you can only experience, but can not put into words.

Therefore, in the first chapter of the Daodejing is warned against a precise definition:

„Could we point the way,

It would not be an eternal way.

Could we name the name,

It would not be an eternal name. „

Chi is a quantity that always exists and through which all appearances are possible.

The whole of reality, including its changes and its potential for change, is permeated by Chi.

In Daoism, it is believed that the world originated from an original Chi.

This chi is called Yuanqi.
Here were the opposites, as they experience the people, still mixed together.
Yin and Yang(!) belonged together.

Then came the separation of the one and the split between yin and yang followed.

Yuanqi split into Yangqi and Yinqi.
Yangqi is bright, rising and the sky.

Yinqi is dark, sinking and the earth.

And between these poles man stands as a center.
The cosmos is considered animated in Daoist thought.

This means that heaven and earth, just like humans, breathe.
Heaven and earth live in cycles.
The inhalation is pure.
The exhalation is used up.
Between midnight and noon, heaven and earth breathe in.
Between noon and midnight, they exhale.


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