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20181116 St.Aposteln / Cologne

St.Aposteln (Stilisiertes Photo) Cologne/Germany



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13 replies to “20181116 St.Aposteln / Cologne

  1. Dear Weber…. Greetings from Hong Kong. Glad to see you following my web page. Appreciate the same. Many nice posts and pics from you. Keep sharing the kindness and love on the blog. Wish you a splendid blogging days. Cheers. Regards. @mercurytwin

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    1. Dear SMILE
      Thank you so mucg for your comment and feedback. I’m glad. I am new to WordPress and I have much to learn. I came to your site by accident and am very pleased with your good quality. Your photos and your whole blog are very beautiful.
      Have a nice weekend (!!!)
      Greetings from Germany

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      1. You are welcome. I am only 19 months old on WP, for me Germany đŸ‡©đŸ‡Ș always amazing and special, my first job with German company and learnt loads before moving on even it was a short span I work with them. Photography is a hobby and I share what I see and capture randomly on daily life. I have posted many clips from Germany as well and I will visit again soon when ever Germany call me 😀. Nice to know you and stay connected. Have an amazing day…. 💖 Cheers.

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      2. You are welcome, too. Nice to hear , that you like my county. It is a complicated country 😉
        Your site on WP is very good. Thank you so much for sharing this.
        Fore me is better I write with persons with teal name, because I give my real name.
        My intention is to connect and deeply understand the differtent cultures from the east and the west from the north to the south….

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      3. Call me Mercury📯 Smile is the blog name, every country place is complicated but there are great things behind always, Japanese and Germans are the most efficient engineers works for accuracy and perfection. Good for you to get along with fellow bloggers I will introduce your site to my friends also. Learning is endless and you are welcome to Hong Kong 🇭🇰 and when ever you travel in Asia pls remember to reach me out by a message for any assistance. Have a wonderful blogging days and welcome to WP forum. Cheers.

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      4. 2018/2019 Cheers to the coming New Year and the many blessings coming your way in 2019(!!!)


      5. Sorry, but my first comment was to fast😀 here comes part two.
        I have many respect about Honk Kong and the cultures at the east and I like the people the food and the music…
        We all can learn so many things from the people and I will do it. You are right: Learning is endless (!) as like
        our universe.
        Have a wonderful weekend.
        Best regards from Germany

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